Food safety and quality

Perennial values underpin everything we do.

The very highest quality requirements are what we demand of ourselves

Food safety: every aspect of our service is geared to this. We take the greatest care to ensure an unbroken refrigeration chain, strict hygiene requirements and full transparency from the grower to the consumer. But above all, we ensure that, despite all these impersonal rules and regulations, we continue to treat you personally.

All incoming, stored and outgoing goods are subjected to stringent quality controls. These checks are carried out by trained staff using certified measuring equipment.

Fully certified

Our company is AEO certified. The AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) is a status granted to any economic operator that has an appropriate track record, meets certain criteria regarding control systems and financial solvency and, in certain cases, complies with particular security standards. A certified company is a company that has obtained an AEO certificate and is therefore considered trustworthy throughout the EU in respect of customs transactions.

General terms and conditions

Wij werken volgens de Algemene Voorwaarden van de Nekovri.

The General Terms and Conditions of the Federation of Netherlands Forwarding Agent Organisations, FENEX, as they apply at the time of the conclusion of the cold-storage agreement, shall apply to the forwarding activities carried out by Blankendaal Coldstores B.V. These Terms and Conditions have been filed with the registrar of the District Court in Amsterdam. 

The stevedoring services performed by Blankendaal Coldstores B.V. are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the Association of Rotterdam Stevedores, as deposited at the office of the District Court in Rotterdam, in accordance with the text applicable at the time of the conclusion of the cold-storage agreement.

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