For everything you want to keep chilled or frozen

From strawberries and French fries to juices and fish

Almost all food that needs to be kept frozen or refrigerated can be stored in our cold stores. That includes barrels with all kinds of juices. 
In our units with different temperatures, all products receive an appropriate treatment by one of our expert employees. 

The advantage of frozen products is that they only need to be marketed when it suits you. The quality remains guaranteed, even over longer periods. This makes your business operations more flexible and profitable. One condition is that the cold chain remains closed and that the desired quantities can be delivered every day.

Is your product already there?

There is room enough for everything in our huge cold stores. 

What’s in it? Actually, everything a consumer needs through the course of a day. From early morning until late into the night... Sandwiches, juice, fruit, cakes, pizza, ready meals, chips, meat, fish, vegetables, ice cream and snacks.
Your products are also welcome!