We keep all your frozen products in optimal condition

We comply with the strictest requirements to guarantee the lasting quality of your products.

Welcome to Blankendaal Coldstores

The 2nd home for your frozen stock

Extreme cold. We have made it our profession. With temperatures as low as -20°C, we can keep your products in optimal condition and deliver them to you exactly when you need them. Our refrigerated warehouses in Tuitjenhorn, Velsen and Ridderkerk  have almost 125,000 pallet spaces of storage for really everything that the modern convenience consumer wants to see in the freezer compartment of his or her supermarket.

In addition, we specialise in handling your delicious fish.

Blankendaal Coldstores consists of a close-knit team of experts. Most of them have been active in the cold-store sector for decades and still start work every morning with the same enthusiasm.
The lines are short, the relationships long; that's how we do it in the North.


We have 3 branches at convenient locations in the Netherlands.


Your stock is stored safely and delivered quickly.

Customs service

We can take care of all your Customs arrangements and paperwork.

Quality and food safety

These are the pillars of our organisation. Read more about how we put this into practice.

Our Coldstores

Our pride


Conveniently located by the water

Blankendaal Coldstores vis


From fish fingers to culinary delights

Blankendaal Coldstores vlees

Meat and chicken

We preserve taste and texture

Blankendaal Coldstores bevroren ijs en ijstaart

Ice cream, cakes and juice

Every day’s a celebration

Blankendaal Coldstores bevroren fruit


Stays in great shape

Blankendaal Coldstores bevroren groente

Vegetables and chips

Tastier than fresh

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