At your service

We will do everything in our power to solve your logistical challenges as quickly and effectively as possible.

You can also allow us to take care of everything for you.

Storage, Case picking, Transport, Customs services and Software support.


With almost 125,000 pallet spaces, there is plenty of space for your chilled and frozen meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, pizzas, ice cream, pastries, French fries, snacks, juices, etc.
We can shock freeze, store at temperatures as low as -35ºC, and also safely thaw again

Case picking

The products you entrust to us are unloaded, stored, collected and delivered via order pickers per customer in a fully automated process. The cold chain remains closed; the pallet with the sorted products is driven into a refrigerated truck on a pallet.


No refrigerated truck available? In that case, we load refrigerated boxes. All locations are equipped with the Barcode Scanning WMS System for fast and error-free case picking.

Customs service

If there is anything takes a lot of time, it is the paperwork for customs formalities. You can leave this to us with peace of mind. 

Software support

• Web portal for 24/7 insight into your stocks.
• Interfacing for exchanging order data.
• Barcode scanning, voice picking and sscc labelling.